Alone again/Dokken

This song popped up in my head all of a sudden tonight...

It was weird that this particular song was played on MTV whenever I read letters from my friends in Japan back in 1985 while I was living in Colorado. I still don't understand why it was like that - certainly odd - but this song reminds me of the basement of The Batdorf's who took care of me at the time. Their TV room was in the basement.

I was absolutely happy there and didn't feel homesick or any negative feelings about being away from my homeland. It was just a coincidence but I always feel there was a meaning to it. Probably it was telling me that somewhere in my subconsciousness did I feel a sort of loneliness even though I was surrounded and loved by many good people... hmmm, maybe not.

Strangely enough, everybody I met there just loved me for who I was at the time. Which was my very first experience to be loved 'clearly'. You know, in Japanese culture, they don't show love or passion in a clear way and tend to ask you to 'sense' it. The funny thing is, on the contrary, their love tend to appear in the form of jealousy very often. For me, that western way of loving people became a part of me and I still have a hard time to keep it down especially when it comes to romantic relationships with Japanese guys. It always feels like my patience is being tested :(

Well, this song will definitely stay in my heart forever... And it's a great ballad anyway :)

Oh, there's another song from '85 that I just can't forget...

This still sounds great, too... Good ol' '85!! Yay!!!  :D

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