New hottie

I hadn't used a hot-water bottle -  a pea coal hottie was my company at night when I was little. Square, hard and hot that I always kicked it out of my futon... there was always a breaking-up battle in bed before dawn but it came back in my futon every night ;)   This hot-water bottle is amazing!!! Soft and comfortable... I was holding it in my arms when I woke up this morning. Hmmm... I must have been in love with it during the night...

I think it's beautiful that almost everybody in this country is trying to do something for people in need. Strength in Japanese people is being brought out and so is the good nature of people in Tohoku which I'm familiar with. I was born and brought up in Akita, you know. On surface, they seem closed but underneath, they are full of compassion. I'm proud of their helping each other, trying to stay positive without complaining and appreciating all the support from other parts of Japan.

It's raining today. Some of my overseas friends might be worried about radioiodine in it but please don't worry. Its amount is minute that doesn't damage our health even if we are exposed to it. And all those true heros in Fukushima have been working so hard to avoid the worst outcome. The situation is still far from rosy but it's getting better little by little.

Here is a new song written by Jordan Rudess for Japan. So beautiful!

Thank you, Jordan! Your love and compassion in this song absolutely touch us and help us stay calm & positive!! You're truly awesome!!!

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