Getting accustomed to...

Saving electricity such as ---

☆Switching on one thing and off the other 
    (isn't it good?)
☆Unheated toilet seat 
   (good old 'cool seat' is back!)
☆Checking the rolling power cut schedule every morning 
   (still don't know my group..)

Luckily we don't have power cuts this weekend so far. Tomorrow is Spring Equinox Day and a public holiday. I don't know if it's going to be another power-cut free day but electricity shortage is still obvious that saving electricity is the key for it.

I somehow find it good to think about and reset our daily life now - how much we are blessed by the modern technology which consumes so much electric power. Of course, it's very difficult to live without it. We, however, can learn to consume less electricity, oil, gas, water and to live comfortably in the situation. Since all the streets are darker at night, we appreciated the Super Moon last night. Brightness of the Moon is one of the things we tend to forget. So is stillness in the night. Human's arrogance to the nature should be reconsidered...

Bureaucratic 'let's keep it secret' attitude seems changing a bit. Nuke problems are too crucial to hide, of course, that could damage other countries nearby at least. I know some are still skeptic about the info from government and it's dangerous to believe everything they say without questioning. But I want to say "Don't be egoistic!" to those who don't trust anything at all and only spread unnecessary fears via media or on the internet. That's their ego to get attention from the public which doesn't help us at all in this time of crisis unless what they say is an absolute truth. Let us see who they are with their names and faces if they insist it's true. Doing it anonymously only shows cowardice. Don't you think?

Ooops! I'd better stay level-headed... Yes, being level-headed is another key to survive this. It's easy to get upset or angry or depressed right now. But things are getting better hopefully and there will be the day when we can talk about the recent event without sorrow or pain. Japan will definitely be a better country! You know, we have this tradition of appreciating and admiring the nature and that is in our DNA!! :)

I also pray for all the innocent people to survive the bombing in Libya...

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