Friends with benefits

I don't remember when I first saw this movie "Friends with Benefits," probably during a flight to or from the NAMM show at the beginning of this year, but I happened to see it again on TV this afternoon.  I remember the story but I thought it would give me a nice break from work (yes, still working on the bloody DVD!) because it's a romantic comedy film.

I basically like the concept of 'no-strings-attached' relationship between 2 good friends even though in this movie, Jamie and Dylan's friendship gradually causes them some problems emotionally.  All those emotions including jealousy or possessiveness often make a relationship complicated.  I scarcely became jealous of my old partners and that was one of the major reasons things didn't work out with them.  Many people seem to consider 'jealousy' as a proof of their partner's love for them but for me, it's a proof of him losing his trust in me. 

While I was seeing the movie, I thought like, "Oh yeah, it might work for me." I'm not saying I want to mess around with my good friends, folks, trust me, I'm not that fxxked up type of person.  But maybe a new friend in the near future and only if he had the potential to be my good friend, I could try it out.  I know the hardest part is to find such a guy who agrees to give it a try with me (>_<)

Love is a wonderful thing but its secondary emotions, especially negative ones, just wear me out when it comes to a relationship.  I really wish there would be someone that is as less jealous as me... I wonder why it's hard to get...

BTW, I'm writing this fiddle-faddle in English to see how the default font looks on my blog because I changed the design this evening.  Hmmm... not bad, I kinda like it (^_^)

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