Busyness as usual...

On the first day of 3-day-weekend, I'm still trying my best to come through this time and energy consuming work of making subtitles for an instructional DVD, which I started working on early this month. But 3 hours still looks forever to me... Oh, I'm in charge of the first half of it. This whole DVD is 7.5 hours long!!!!!

While I'm taking a break, I wanted to look for something interesting on YouTube and voila! Found a drumcam video of Daniel's live performance of "Bloodstained Cross" recorded last year. It's always inspiring to see him play just because his excellent drumming gives me energy to face what I have to get done :D

I may sound strange but any great performance of a musician inspires me in various ways. Like Daniel's giving me energy to tackle a hard task, other good friends of mine and favorite musicians do me the same. For instance, Kozy gives me positive vibes to see things with humor, Yuki's endless efforts let me know how far I've come to by reminding me of those less confident days when I was at his age, Masashi triggers my bad girl side by his sensual bass sound, Sono's amazing voice thrills me with his true professionalism... They are some of my favorite people and I truly respect them, and other favorite people of mine as well, for what they provide to the world in addition to their great personalities.

Working right in front of a computer for hours every day makes me pretty frustrated. It's easy to become selfish under such frustrating circumstances even though I sometimes take a break by doing something else. Taming my selfishness is not easy when I don't see the way out of what I'm working on. But it kinda helps me pull myself together to listen to or see the above people's music. I guess I'm so lucky to have been exposed to them for sure!

Many tend to see and judge with the end result of what they do but there are so many try-and-errors behind the scene. We all do the same to have a better life, right? That's what inspires me most, I think. Being brave to go beyond the boundary seems what I need most at the moment.

I'm going to see Daniel's "Bloodstained Cross" one more time to encourage me and get back to the DVD thing... I know my best friend Kumi would say, "Hey, you're insane to relax with Daniel's drums while you are working on an instructional DVD of a super technical double-bass drummer!" He-he-he, yes, that's who I am! ;P

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