Throwing out the dead wood in life!

It took me a short while to recover this sudden emptiness caused by finishing what I had been into for almost a year. It was a tough job but its outcome is great. I was blessed with kindness and supports from my colleagues while working on Mick Karn's autobio.

Everyone involved voluntarily did wonderful jobs with what they are good at. I've learnt a lot from the whole process but mostly the beauty of teamwork. If you are passionate about something that means a lot to you, certain people will absolutely understand it and give their hands to make it come true. What a wonderful world! :D

Now it's time for me to start something new. Something I should've done a long time ago... THROWING OUT THE DEAD WOOD IN MY LIFE! Especially toxic ones. I know it's easier to stay blind to them and just to ignore its existence. And that's exactly what I've done by convincing myself, "hey, no big deal!" But I've come to think recently that something seems wrong. Some old things have to go now.

It will take me a while to choose what to stay and what to go but there will definitely be more room in my mind and flat for what to enter my life from the time on when I'm done with it. 

That said, there's one thing I don't know what to do about... a guy who grabbed me by the heart last autumn. Should I consider it 'old' or 'new'? Is he toxic or not? Oh well, time will tell. Gotta wait for it... right? ;)

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