Energy half charged...

It was a busy week... had 2 face-to-face interviews, 1 photo shoot, one live show, a coffee tasting at my friends' prelaunch cafe and my usual liaison work in my RM office in between... Still need to do a tea tasting to help them decide which flavor is good for their cafe to serve. Well, I mainly work from home when I don't have interviews - just go to my RM office a couple of days a week - so I felt totally drained yesterday :(

I could've started working on an interview I did last week but decided to be 100% lazy for one day. Yes, I needed that to regain my strength. I'm half recharged so far but it's good enough for miscellaneous things to do today.

Saw Mayumi and Terry Bozzio again before the UK's show at Club Citta in Kawasaki 2 days ago. My fellow photographer Sato-kun took great photos of Terry's at the photo shoot for the ad of Rhythm & Drums Magazine Festival in mid October. Since I usually hang out with Terry and Mayumi as a friend, it was a nice surprise and interesting to see his other face as a professional drummer! And Mayumi looked gorgeous in her black dress that evening :D   You guys really are a wonderful couple and I'm happy to be friends with you for sure!! ♡♥♡♥♡

Masaru, one of my fellow co-workers at Drum magazine editorial section, is always surprised to see me treating some of the popular drummers as my friends and says, in Terry's case, "Don't you know he is an internationally famous drummer?" Of course I know that and respect him for that indeed but he is a good friend of mine first, a world class drummer second for me. Fame or popularity doesn't change my attitude to my friends at all. It's absolutely nonsense to think like, "Oh, he's famous, I gotta be nice to him." Friends are friends and that is most important. I don't kiss anyone's ass when it comes to friends :P

I'm not a type of person who wants to be friends with everyone. I mean, I cannot do that because I don't get along with certain people. When I meet someone who wants to be treated like a star, my instinct always shouts, "RUN, MIKI, RUN!!!!" See, becoming friends with someone is totally instinctive ;)   I just follow my instinct, that's all.

I sometimes think heart is a building with many rooms. You have your family members, old and new partners/lovers and friends living in each room. Rooms for old partners/lovers are occupied with memories, not themselves any more. And that's how I exist in other people's minds. I have my own room in my friends' hearts. And I had a room once in my old partners' hearts which is now a storage of our memories. 

Hey, there's a penthouse condo for the love of my life on my heart building and it's been empty since I was born. Is anyone out there brave enough to take it over??? Free of rent but.... he has to make me smile every day ;)

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