Comfy Sunday

It rained hard all day yesterday when I went out with my best friend Kumi but it turned out a beautiful day today... Mr Weather, I'll complain of rain this rainy season! Since you didn't listen to my small wish yesterday, you wouldn't listen to my complains, either, would you? ;)

Last night, I tried to stay awake to watch UEFA Euro 2012 on TV - Netherlands vs Denmark and Germany vs Portugal were on after midnight. But I fell asleep on my couch at the beginning of the 2nd half of the former game and woke up at 5:50am when the latter game just ended... And I tried to watch reruns of them this evening and again, I fell asleep on my couch during the 1st half of Germany vs Portugal... Well, it's okay because what I want to see is Spain! ;)

Spain vs Italy began some minutes ago but I'll see its rerun tomorrow evening because I'm going to join a business lunch with Mr and Mrs B tomorrow. I'm excited about seeing them again! They are very nice friends of mine that I always enjoy being with them. It's going to be fun even though we have to talk about business stuff at first :)

Speaking of friends, I find it interesting how new people enter my life, how they influence my perspectives and what new idea I get from them. Kumi's been a great inspiration for me for years. Just talking with her helps me realize my hidden desires/feelings bubbling under the skin. So it was really relaxing and cathartic to spend a fun afternoon and evening with her yesterday. We'd better do it more often, Kumi! ;)

My close friends always inspire me and give me energy when I feel lost with or without their knowledge of it. Lucky me! I trust them with all my heart that I don't have to hide my weaknesses. I've heard that some don't have trustworthy friends but I think it's simply because of their being untrustworthy, really. Trust is mutual which you and the other person build up together from zero. And honesty is the key.

I had a crush on a guy in late 2010 and waited patiently for a chance to be alone with him. But it never happened and eventually my interest in him fell off. Then I started seeing things I didn't see of him when my eyes were covered with amorous attention. Well, it's true, love is blind ;)  People in love tend to overestimate their crush or lover, right? Now I'm relieved and determined to look for other possibilities. It took me 1.5 years to get here but it was a good lesson :D

Chatting with Kumi was the coup de grace to wake me up from trance even though she actually tried to help me cherish my feelings for the guy. But I guess it's too late now. In my mind, it's clear that he is no longer important... because he's not honesty nor trustworthy. Accepting that was difficult but I feel refreshed now!! :D

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