Midnight Cooking

I started cooking chicken curry at 0:30am! Still being stewed... will take 30 more minutes to get it done, probably.

I was going to cook it for my friend Zin today (well, technically 'yesterday' already) but her husband kept muttering how much he wanted to join our curry dinner - he had to play at a gig in the evening. So we decided to have it next day but she came over anyway to see me. Love ya, Zin! :) It's always nice to spend time with her!! Well, I cooked ginger pork for our dinner instead. It's a quick'n'easy dish. And... YUP, we save chicken curry for tomorrow! :)

But there was a problem... chicken drum sticks were already marinated in yogurt last night, so I needed to cook them today. That's why I'm cooking after midnight now. It's kinda nice and refreshing to cook something really late at night... I hadn't done that for a while.

I usually play music loud on my iPod when cooking after midnight. Now I'm playing Arch Enemy's "The Root of All Evil" album which I didn't listen to for a couple of years. I think I got it in 2009 before my 3rd interview with Daniel. To be honest, I only listened to it through once then because I wasn't really into their music at the time. But their "Khaos Legions" album changed my impression to their music and here I am listening to The Root of All Evil with no feeling against it. It's interesting to find myself liking it although I love Khaos Legions better.

There are always preconceptions more or less in anyone's mind that make us judge a certain thing without really knowing it. But there's always a chance to discard them.  In my case, it was Khaos Legions that worked in a direct way to open my ears to metal music but Versailles Philharmonic Quintet drummer Yuki's playing sowed a seed at first. I really thank Yuki and Daniel for that!! You guys are great drummers, indeed!!! :D

Finally, my chicken curry is done! Yay! It's hotter than I expected... maybe hard & heavy music I was listening to while cooking worked as an extra spice??? ;p

Gotta go to bed now! Good-night!!

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