I've realized at Jonathan Blake's interview the other day that my English is a disaster now!!  I could interprete between the interviewer and the interviewee alright that day - mucho thanks to Sage and Jon! - but I was actually upset on my way back home...

Jonathan's kit - isn't it unique? :)

It was like endless bad synaptic signaling happening in my brain during the interview. When I got back home, I tried to find a solution to that and decided to bring back English blogging. I was pretty lazy these days that I wrote this blog only for my friends who read Japanese. Not that I forgot about other friends of mine who don't read Japanese... just being such a lazy bastard who took an easy way to say something. Sorrreeeee!!

As I often write here in my blog, my mindset is slightly different when thinking/speaking/writing in English from that in Japanese. It's just because how all the words were born in 2 different cultures. Essence is the same but how to describe is different. Thus I have to prepare for juggling before any interview. I think that particular sense was missing recently... urgh!

I was a very good linguistic juggler when I had constant arguments with my ex-husband ;) Mother tongue (him) vs 2nd language (me) games improved my English because I had to learn new words almost every day to tell him how I felt before he cut me off half way. That was a very good lesson for me, really.

In these days, I only speak in English at interviews. Of course, I write many emails in English almost every day, which is part of my work, but they are more of fact checking than expressing. Hmmm.... I really need to do something to push my retroceded boundary back. English blogging is the 1st step and then, maybe I should ask my English speaking friends for some English lessons... oh yeah, Tetsu-kun would be perfect for that! Tetsu-kun, pretty pleeeaaase :D

I thought some might wonder why I began to write in English more often lately. Yup, the reason is simple... no more than kicking my lazy butt! ;)  I just cannot live like those who tend to be happy with "I do my job okay," or to think "I don't get paid for that." Passableness just cannot satisfy me... oh well...

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