Long time no English...

Hi all my favorite people out there!

I didn't write my blog in English for a long while. Sorry! Various reasons for that but mainly I wasn't in the mood for expressing my feelings in English. I didn't need to do so, perhaps. I think my Japanese nature just took over my psyche after 311, seeing and hearing all the disasters happened at the places close to my hometown. Such unusual experience certainly affects everyone even if you live far away from there.

The book I've been working on since last summer is almost done, a few more chapters to go. It's been tense for the last couple of weeks, seems like everything in my life is centered around the book lately. I took a day off last Saturday to cool down my brian a bit but it didn't work well. Oh dear! Am I obsessed about finishing it? Maybe, no, definitely yes...

Some of you may know it's my very first book to translate through and also a labor of love for someone I knew though he passed away some months ago without seeing the Japanese version of his autobiography. But I know he will grin broadly up there when it's out in July coincided with his birthday. Hey, don't rain on my parade that day, would you, MK?  ;)

Speaking of obsession, I sometimes play with online fortune telling recently. It's not about wanting to know what my future is, I want to keep it unknown for more excitement, more like encouraging myself with good things written there. It's amazing to see all the invisible fortune I was born with. Do I believe them? No way! Hey, it's just a little game to relax, you know. But if you want to be spoiled and the tyrant of your life for a few moments, just go to a free fortune telling website, type whatever required and wait. They will give you the sweetest words to make you smile :)

On my romance front, nothing's happened so far. I've got no time for any relationship anyway :( But I don't give up and do believe there will be a wonderful guy entering my life sooner or later. The best is yet to come, you know :D

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