Only 4 days left before 2013 including today and it's the last business day of this year but I've already been asked to get ready for interviews and a business trip to California in January. Oh well, that's how my year-end is like most of the time ;)

Yes, I'll be flying to LA for the winter NAMM show again on January 23, moving to San Francisco right after it to stay there for 3 days. This time, I'll be the bilingual babysitter/big mama for 9 grown-ups. They are big enough to look after themselves (hopefully!) so my work won't be hard (double hopefully!!).

I find it interesting that young Japanese people in their 20s tend not to have an adventure in foreign countries these days. In fact, one of my NAMM team members has never had a trip to other countries, not even to Asian countries. That surprises me a lot! She doesn't know how jet-lag would affect her... but I'm gonna kick her butt to work hard, indeed! That's what my company pays all the expenses for. Cold-blooded? Hell yeah, I am in this case!! ;)  

What I really look forward to is seeing and catching up with my friends there! If any of you join the NAMM, just email me. Let's hang out then!

I'm going to Akita to stay at my mom's for the New Year. The recent temperature over there is below zero, -6C max, and snowing hard! I'll try to find a way to enjoy this severe coldness. Maybe running with our dog Fuyu?

Anyway, all my lovely friends out there, thank you so much for everything you did for me this year. Without you, my 2012 wouldn't have been as great as it actually is. You guys are my lifesavers!! Stay in touch.

For my wonderful friends outside Japan, let's hang out whenever you are in Tokyo. Don't forget to call or LINE me, okay?

Wishing you all the best and your 2013 will bring you happiness and peace full of love ♡♥♡

Love you so much!!

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