Sweet Abe-san♡

Abraham Laboriel's interview was finally fixed last night and I was assigned to be the interpreter. It's for Bass Magazine, so we also recorded some of his great licks for the attached CD in addition to his interview. Well, bass folks, the feature should be full of great stuff! He kindly showed us many tips to learn his awesome techniques and some Spanish words! :D

15 Nov 2012@Blue Note Tokyo

I usually don't take photos with people I work with but this time, I really wanted to take one with Abe-san. He is such a sweet guy that it all went wonderfully even though the computer suddenly crashed right before we started recording his bass. The recording engineer and the Bass Magazine staffer were slightly panicked but the interviewer Jimmy Maeda, Abe-san and I just kept smiling and talking about bass playing until the computer got fixed. Abe-san is like the warm autumn sunshine... wrapping us up comfortably. That's why I wanted to take a photo with him. He just reminds me of my lovely big sister in Germany Elizabeth probably because Abe-san is from Mexico and Elizabeth from Equador. Their warmth and amiability are similar!

I didn't have a chance to see him perform today but I can easily imagine that his happy vibes make the audience smile. I'll try to see your show next time you are in Tokyo, Abe-san!!

On our way back to the nearest subway station, Jimmy-san said to me that great musicians who have excellent techniques are always very nice and friendly. I agree! They are thoughtful of people around them and open to new experiences. I guess that's one of the important things to stay active for years as a popular musician.

We all were "Mexican little boys" today including me! Surely fun time! Thanks a lot, Abe-san!!!

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