3 down, 2 to go

It was a busy week - finished translating 2 interviews and 11 songs on an album in 3 days in addition to my regular work for a publisher. I thought it would be chaotic but it actually wasn't for some reason. I kinda enjoyed doing it even though the one I worked on yesterday was full of words, which don't make sense to me, from another planet called digi-world. The PA engineer Sully explained things clearly but it was a bit difficult for an analogue-oriented person like me...

Anyway, only 2 long interviews are left to get done, one by the 26th and the other by the 30th. No big deal. I know both are fun interviews :D

Today, I was assigned to an interview with Big Jay McNeely, 85 year old legendary saxophone player. It was interesting, indeed! What he talks about actually happened way before I was born. I was like listening to the words of a living history! One casual word just triggers his memory and he starts telling us many stories of his career non-stop!!

The funny thing is he put a big smile on his face when he caught sight of me entering his hotel entrance even before I introduced myself to him. It was a nice welcome and our waiting for him outside of his hotel for 90 minutes paid off right away. Why we waited outside his hotel? Well, all the restaurants nearby didn't let us have just a cup of coffee because it was around noon and they were open only for people come for lunch. So we decided to wait right in front of his hotel without knowing we would have to wait for 90 minutes.

But that 90 minutes was also fun. My fellow magazine staffer Kenny and I didn't work together for some months and we were busy catching up today. After Big Jay's interview, we said to each other jokingly that our first date in some months went great. He is one of magazine staff I can work with very easily and we always say to each other silly jokes.

Tomorrow is Labor Thanksgiving Day. I'm going to clean my flat tomorrow and relax for the rest of the weekend. All my friends out there, have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday/weekend!! Love ya♡

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