Albert Lee... lovely!!

I was lucky to be at Albert Lee's interview yesterday afternoon and saw his amazing licks very closely. It was nothing but awesome, both his personality and his playing!!

As a matter of fact, I didn't know much about him before I met him - didn't even know he's from England. A great country guitar player... well, you'd definitely think he/she is an American, right? But I found him speaking with a British accent right after I spoke to him and wondered... "Is he an English? Oh wait, he's a country player. Am I hearing his accent wrong??" During his interview, he said something about he had done in London and I finally got a proof he's from London.

He's such a sweet guy that kindly showed us what he usually does on the guitar with a gentle smile on his face. He even sang a song for us! What inspired me most at his interview is when he said, "The best guitar players are the ones who can sing because they know when to play and when not to play." For the folks out there who haven't heard of Albert, watch this.

His interview and incredible licks will appear in Guitar Magazine in Spring. As he says, "Young guitar players should listen to old guitar players and incorporate things you like into your playing," the feature will be very inspirational for any young guitar players. Please look forward to it! And Albert, I'm looking forward to seeing you again at NAMM next week!

BTW, it's snowing in Tokyo, the first snow in this winter. All the roofs are white now. Good day to stay inside and relax. Since I didn't feel good after his interview and had to skip the show I was going to go last night, I'm going to be as lazy as possible today :)  No matter how young I feel at heart, my body tells me when I need to slow down. Good job, my body! ;)

Hope you guys in Tokyo have a lovely snow day!♡

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